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  About Ryan Farley 

Who is Ryan Farley?

I am a long-time developer that is passionate about .NET & Technology. I live and breathe "all things geek". I started with .NET and C# shortly after the debut at PDC in 2000 and have never looked back. Before moving to C# as my primary language I would find myself switching between Delphi, C++, and even VB (Yuck, did I mention I never looked back?). I've been equally involved in Windows and Web development for over 18+ years (but would casually play with programming before that as well). If you'd like you can read more about how I got started with programming. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and have learned to love the desert.

I am a geek in all aspects of geekiness. I love anything programming or software related, Battlestar Galactica [*], old-skool 70's science fiction [*], anything Star Wars related [1, 2, 3], TV, math, pop-culture [*], and any kind of mind puzzle.

My Job

Although I live in Arizona, I work from my home office as the Director of Development for a Minnesota-based CRM Development & Consulting firm, Customer FX Corporation. I am very committed to my company and have a great team to work with. I also have a CRM Developer blog where I post on topics related to CRM development.


I've been married since 1994 [*] to my lovely Jennette and I am a father of 5 [*], yes 5, great kids who are plotting to take over the world.

Contacting Me

If you really think I am worth contacting then you likely haven't contacted me before :-). I don't typically answer development/programming related questions via this blog (see "My Job" section above). I get a lot of those. However, feel free to use one of the following to get a hold of me:

This Blog

This blog runs on the excellent open source blogging engine, Subtext (See It uses a custom skin that I built, but was inspired by Wolfgang Bartelme's Dark theme, using some aspects of it's layout as well as some items from the Subtext port of the wp-dark theme for WordPress by IcyFlash.

Thanks. Hope you've found my blog useful.
Ryan Farley

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Also see my CRM Developer blog