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  Battlestar Galactica 

I just have to say that I can't get enough of the new Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi channel. I loved the mini-series they aired last year but was bummed that it was so short and over way too soon. Now that it is a full series it is every bit as great as before. If you haven't watched it yet, don't expect anything like the old series from way back (but I like that too). No cheesy acting & comedic relief. Just really great sci-fi and an awesome story line (and you just have to love that Six). It has quickly moved it's way to the top of my Tivo season pass list.



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  1. Brian Scott 1/18/2005 2:36 PM
    Agreed. Great Sci-Fi is about great, relevant stories that just happend to be set in space, the future, another dimension, etc... This show is definitely that.
  2. Neil 1/20/2005 9:31 PM
    I'm sitting here watching BSG and thinking, "I should write a post about how good this show is." Glad you beat me too it. I couldn't have done it so efficiently.

  3. Michelle Roudebush 1/24/2005 3:40 PM
    Yes, I was a HUGE fan of the original BSG (and Buck Rodgers for that matter!) and was very excited when the miniseries was announced. I couldn't believe how good it was! I love Edward-James Olmos & think he makes a great Adama. At first I was a little skeptical of Starbuck being a woman, but got used to it pretty quickly. I really liked how they filled in the backstory. I have the 3 new episodes on the MCE but haven't had a chance to watch them yet. Hope they are as good as the mini! Maybe SciFi should take over Star Trek Enterprise, but that might be a different subject matter......
  4. Brian Scott 1/28/2005 11:01 AM
    Michelle , I'd be happy if anyone would take over ST-E from Rick Berman :/
  5. Michelle Roudebush 2/3/2005 4:33 PM
    Well I just found out from Bob (hubby) that they just CANCELLED!!!!! STE!!!! I'm in shock! I didn't much care for last year's season, but thought it was really good so far this year. Too bad Ron Moore is busy with BSG, but I don't want him to leave it!!!

    It's just a sad day for me, think I need to go grab a beer...
  6. Ryan Farley 2/3/2005 6:22 PM
    Hi Michelle!

    Well that is just lame. It is really too too bad. Well, I guess they started up BSG just in time. At least I still have it ;-)
  7. Michelle Roudebush 3/3/2005 6:23 AM
    Yea, I'm incredibly dissappointed as there was SOOOO much they could have done with this show. Just in the back stories alone (how the federeation came to be, Klingon wars, etc.) you could have done several seasons. They've already got the first season slated for DVD release so I guess Paramount is just out for the bucks & not the entertainment.

    Getting back to BSG, it just rocks!!! Each episode is better than the last!!! Now that we don't have STE to watch for much longer, I'm hoping to get Bob hooked on it when they start re-running it over the summer. It just just AWESOME!!!!
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