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  Thanks Dave Burke ;-) 


Dave Burke has a long running series of posts on his blog titled “CS Bytes” (example) and “CS Nugglets” (example). If you work with Community Server at all, you've probably found that these posts are pure gold. Completely invaluable information that I look forward to every day. I'm not sure I'd enjoy working with Community Server as much without Dave taking the time to gather all the best CS info for me ;-)

I have two new CS sites on the verge of going live. One a product site for an addon for the great CRM software SalesLogix called Outlook2CRM, and another for a user community site for professionals working with SalesLogix, called Good Training. Having worked with CS to build and customize these sites, I look forward to the great info collected by Dave every day (and the helpful people who post the stuff in the first place!)

Thanks for your help Dave! Long live CS Bytes and CS Nugglets!


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  1. Dave Burke 3/7/2007 9:05 AM
    This post is "pure motivation." Thanks, Ryan. And as you said, the helpful people who post stuff in the first place get most of the credit. My motivations are also pretty selfish since I search the List Blog (CS Bits) all the time and will be moving them to or some other location once I come up with a plan. They are currently hosted by Rick Reszler (The Wizard) on his VPS.

    I've been a bit lazy in the Nuglet realm lately. Will have to rectify that.

    Look for Good Training and Outlook2CRM in the next CS Bytes! They've got your tasteful mark on them.

    Thank you very much for this post. -Dave
  2. Ryan Farley 3/7/2007 11:59 AM
    Thanks Dave!

    I'm pretty pleased with how the sites ended up looking. The CS skinning process was extremely easy and just made a lot of sense. I like how I didn't need to know a lot of proprietary things for CS, just used my regular old ASP.NET skills ;-)

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