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  Awesome Command-Prompt Replacement 


I was catching up on some Scott Hanselman posts today after going through Scott's new Utilmate Tools list (which is a great list) and came accross Scott's post on Console. Wow. I am in love. I've always been a big command-prompt junkie and this app is the cat's meow. A tabbed console windows app with better support for copy/paste and so much more.

How is it that Scott always find out about these kinds of awesome apps. This one is worth using for sure. I'm on the 2.0 beta build 125. I have mine with tabs for loading the VS 2005 & VS 2003 environment vars on separate tabs and a few other custom ones for setting environment vars as well.


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  1. vern 9/1/2006 9:49 PM
    So I keep meaning to ask if you'd like to join myself and a couple other bloggers for a beer or two. We meet every couple of weeks. Nothing formal or regular, just more or less when it's convenient.


    LaMont (Monty)


    I don't recall what area you live in, but we have been meeting at Gallagher's (sp?) at 7th Ave. and Union Hills.

    Let me know if you wanna come. We'd love to meet another area blogger...

    P.S. When are you going to upgrade to subText? We just released a new version...
  2. Eber Irigoyen 9/2/2006 8:41 AM
    I'm a command line junkie myself... did you check out slick run too?

    it brings command line to the desktop items =o)
  3. Ryan Farley 9/2/2006 10:55 AM
    Thanks Eber. I've tried slickrun, but just couldn't get into it. I do use Colibri (which isn't quite the same, but an awesome Run command & Start Menu replacement)
  4. WildFiction 9/2/2006 6:07 PM
    Vern: What you doing reading a C# blog? :)
  5. vern 9/2/2006 9:42 PM
    Honestly, I read because he's in Phoenix. I also read because I'm hoping that if I read enough C# stuff, it might sink in...
  6. Rob Manderson 9/5/2006 12:32 PM
    Umm, Vern?? It's Gallaghers at 7th Street and Union Hills.
  7. Jack Pan 9/5/2006 3:01 PM
    Really nice stuff. I constantly switch between VS.NET 2003 and 2005. gacutil etc only handle dlls at their specific version.
  8. Jason Haley 9/5/2006 10:50 PM
  9. KL 9/29/2006 12:11 AM
    If you are a "command line junkie" you should really look at Windows Power Shell:
  10. KL 9/29/2006 12:35 AM
    Actually their blog is pretty useless, here's the "home page" of Windows Power Shell:

    Short introduction:

    It's pretty powerful. Finally something on par or even better than *nix command lines.
  11. Manny 10/19/2006 9:57 AM
    What about bash? There is a cygwin version for doze..
  12. 11/6/2012 9:41 AM
    Noah Coad - Ultimate Windows Command Prompt: Take Command
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