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  Ignoring the "A-List" bloggers...and why it might not apply to Chris Sells 

Josh Ledgard made a post a couple of weeks ago that I've been giving a lot of thought to lately about “ignoring the A-List bloggers”. Often when you find a blog you like, you just read it. Everyday. Whether the post is good and about something that interests you, or something that you'd never read otherwise, if it were not on a blog you subscribe to. All these posts that do nothing for you end up eating up a big chunk of your time (well they can add up - how much depends on which blogs you subscribe to IMO).

Josh gives a great idea. Subscribe to everything that seems of interest to you, as you would now. But instead of going to a particular blogger's section of your reader, use a reader that allows you to just cycle through the unread ones. Then you find that you skip past the ones that do not inerest you because you're only focusing on the content and now who it is from. When I use FeedDemon as my reader, it does not have the ability to just lump all unread posts into a single area, but it does allow you to create “watches” where you create something more like search folders to bring all posts in on a certain subject. For example, I can have a watch that pulls all posts that have the word “Remoting” in from any of my subscribed blogs. When I use NewsGator I do the same with search folders, but at least there you can create a folder of all unread posts. But it is all about optimizing your blog reading and getting the most out of what you choose to read.

This doesn't necessarily apply to Chris Sells because he more or less is a search folder. He seems to collect great info from all over the blogsphere and spews it out in his own blog. I find out about a lot of cool stuff from people I'd otherwise not know about from reading Chris' blog. Chris' blog may be an “insight outlet”, but I'll refer to him as my own blog post search folder, my aggregator's aggregator, my blogspew.

While I do think Chris is a rock star in every sense of the word, I want to clarify that what makes Chris' blog so cool is the fact that he is like a search folder that brings good posts from all over into a single feed. Sort of a “best of the blogsphere”. What makes that really cool is that you get to hear about great posts from people you would not normally know about (without subscribing to a million feeds), and that is just cool!


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  1. Ryan Jameson 5/12/2004 1:05 PM
    Sorry...I'm ignoring you right now.

  2. Ryan Farley 5/12/2004 1:06 PM
    Now that is funny. By posting about ignoring posts that have no real value or interest to me, I created a post that has no real value or interest to me. ;-)
  3. RoudyBob 5/12/2004 3:14 PM
    Search folders and Newsgator/Outlook are the best combination IMO. Right now I have a "Newsgator" search folder to show me all unread posts and others that show specific topics. I subscribe to probably 100 blogs but only really *READ* 25% of the content, though. The reading pane in O2003 allows me to very quickly scan posts to find things of interest...

    And thanks for the Chris Sells tip, Ryan...subscribed.
  4. Ryan Farley 5/12/2004 3:24 PM

    NewsGator is great. What makes it cool is the fact that Outlook becomes your aggregator, so you get to take advantage of all the cool stuff in Outlook.
  5. josh ledgard 5/12/2004 4:09 PM
    And now I'm subscribed. I'll see how often your messages stick. :-)
  6. King Bastard 9/16/2005 5:57 PM
    I wrote an blog entry about this a <a href="">while back</a>, and it's really the limited voice that has become the A-list that is troubling. And generally, they are the least interesting of the bloggers that make up the blogosphere. So it becomes the elite stay elite, and the talented with new ideas get held back.

    In many ways, it's all about the money. Many of these blogs are making money from advertising, so of course they're going to cross link in some kind of incestious manner. Technorati perpetuates it, because Sifry is also interested of keeping them happy because they talk about him. It's all one big blogfest between a few friends.
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