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February 2004 Entries

Whitehorse is going to rock 

I don't hear as much about Whitehorse as I do the other new things coming in Whidbey, but I am really excited about it. Whitehorse is basically an integrated design system that goes far beyond the design stage. Whitehorse targeted at designing & validating service-oriented distributed systems. But what makes Whitehorse so cool is how the design and the code is meshed so tightly together than ever. It forces the developer to stick to the original design. And if the design changes, so does the str

Changes in Windows XP SP2 that effect developers 

A must read for developers is the new document on MSDN describing changes in the up and coming Windows XP service pack 2 that effect developers. Take a look.

Stuart's kids and mine should form a club 

Stuart Laughlin is a funny man. Well, at least his kids are funny. Not to say that Stuart isn't, but the reason for this post is to point out how funny his kids are. You've got to read this post about a note from one of his kids. Just hilarious. For another good read, you can check out a mad lib by his other kids.

I am 38% evil 

According to the Gematriculator my blog is 38% evil.

Teach yourself programming in 10 years 

You know, I always get so bugged at those “Learn to program in 21 days” books. I mean, WTF?! What can you possibly learn in 21 days about programming? That is one of the reasons why the development job market is so flooded now days. People wanting to get into programming because “it would be a good line of work”. They spend their $49.95 and buy their book, spend their 21 days with the book and then call themselves programmers.

Gotta get to DevDays 

I just read Jim Blizzard's blog and apparently got tagged. Now I have to spread the word about DevDays. Phoenix DevDays will be March 16. I'm going to be attending in Phoenix and in Minneapolis MN too! I am really psyched.

SQL Server Web Administrator 

Well, it's about time. Microsoft has finally released a web administrator for SQL Server. I just installed it. Not bad. It really is about time that Microsoft released something like this. It a pain to have to load Enterprise Manager everywhere. This tool does most of the more common things you'd typically do in SQL. I haven't really looked at security though. But all in all a really cool tool. No longer needed to go installing Enterprise Manager all over the network anymore.


Ryan Jameson posted a link to a really cool GDI+ FAQ that has some really great info. If you're doing anything with GDI+ it is a great place to start.

Is your son a computer hacker? 

I just read a shocking article where a concerned parent made the horifying discovery that his son was a computer hacker. Reginal Gibbons and his wife Carol, being modern parents, decided that their children's education would benefit from using a computer. So they purchased a computer and installed many fun application programs such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Imagine their horror when their youngest daughter Cindy, rushed into the room and blurted out “Peter is a computer hacker!”.

Dynamic XAML UI 

I just read a post from Mitch Walker (program manager on the Longhorn SDK team) about how they used XAML to make the Terrarium game application “skinnable”. I've never really been that into Terrarium - I made my own herbivore organism and all but I guess I just never really understood the game. Anyway, that's not my point. My point is that in this article it shows you how to do something really cool - and that is how you can dynamically apply style from a XAML file to your application at runtime

Exchange Team Blog 

You know, I'm not really one to follow Exchange related stuff. But the blog by the Microsoft Exchange team has one of the coolest names of about any blog I've ever read.

Another Longhorn Concept Application 

I posted before about a concept application from Carter Maslan of Microsoft showing off things like Avalon & Indigo in a real-world concept application. Carter's put out another one. This one focused on the health care industry demonstrating real-time collaboration via Indigo secure messaging where two doctors can remotely discuss and analyze X-Rays, integration with WinFS for document storage for faxes records etc. Really cool stuff.

Change in IE for URLs including logon details 

Came accross a change coming in the next version of Internet Explorer via ASP.NET Developer Center on MSDN. Any URLs containing a user id and password will be disabled. For example, if I have a secure site and I want to avoid the logon dialog, I could use a URL like the following:

Give me what I need or give me everything (?) 

I was using Qwest Dex to search for the address of a restaurant in my area. I used the "view map" link so I could see where it was located. Here's the map I got...

Huwha? Using multiple CSS classes? 

Well holy crappolie. Andy Smith posted a real nugget of info related to CSS classes that I had no idea about. Maybe everyone else knows about this - but it sure was news to me. You can put multiple CSS class names inside the same class attribute separated by a space. Who knew?!

About Fire and Motion 

Great article from Joel Spolsky on what he calls “Fire and Motion“ and finding the motivation to move forward. Maybe I am normal after all? ;-)



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