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  Whitehorse is going to rock 


I've had a half-written post in OneNote for a while now about a really cool new part of the Visual Studio Whidbey release is what is currently codenamed Whitehorse. I read a post from Scott Hanselman the other day that reminded me of my half-written post so I decided to get it posted.

I don't hear as much about Whitehorse as I do the other new things coming in Whidbey, but I am really excited about it. Whitehorse is basically an integrated design system that goes far beyond the design stage. Whitehorse targeted at designing & validating service-oriented distributed systems. But what makes Whitehorse so cool is how the design and the code is meshed so tightly together than ever. It forces the developer to stick to the original design. And if the design changes, so does the structure of the application/code based on that design.

Whitehorse looks like it will be a real winner. I am totally psyched to start using it and designing some cool new systems. To get the whole picture of what Whitehorse is all about, take a look at the MSDN TV episode featuring Whitehorse. This is definitely something you need to check out. Pretty freakin cool.

<topic track="sidetrack">BTW, you'll notice that I didn't title my post something about "riding in on a Whitehorse". If you go out googling this subject, that phrase will get old fast since every Whitehorse article you'll find out there will start that same way. Ugh.</topic>


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