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August 2003 Entries

Crazy week :-/ 

Well, it's been a really eventful week. Pretty crazy. My wife, Jennette, was having some really painful things going on in her stomach, so I took her to the emergency room on Saturday. At the time we had no idea it would turn into such a big thing - but we just finally came home from the hospital tonight.

Moving to Office 2003 & Newsgator 

So I made the move to Office 2003 this weekend. It has some really cool new stuff. It is only a beta2 release, but I have always been fine with moving a MS beta2 release into production. Newsgator rocks. You can consume RSS feeds right in Outlook. So, you could have my blog { public virtual blog; } delivered right to Outlook.

New C# features coming in Whidbey release 

I finally listened to the latest .NET Rocks show with Juval Lowy. BTW, if you're a .NET developer, or really any kind of developer, .NET Rocks is a great audio show to listen to. Always great guests and topic discussed. Well worth the time to listen to. Anyway, Juval discusses the new features coming in C# 2.0. Great Stuff

My New Daughter...Tess 

So my new daughter, Tess, was born this last weekend. She is my 4th. I can't believe that I am a father of 4. I love being a father, my kids are great. Although, I have to admit that the whole process is really alien-like.

...Is this thing on? 

Well, I finally decided to put my blog up. I'll be posting here my rantings and ramblings on subjects such as C#, .NET, programming, and life in general. I'm usually not a very outspoken guy, but I am a whole other person at the keyboard. I'll try not to scare you too much ;-)



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