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  ...Is this thing on? 

Well, I finally decided to put my blog up. I'll be posting here my rantings and ramblings on subjects such as C#, .NET, programming, and life in general. I'm usually not a very outspoken guy, but I am a whole other person at the keyboard. I'll try not to scare you too much ;-)

BTW, I was having some issues with the RSS feed from Trillian Pro using the news plugin (probably because I am putting it through port 82 instead of the standard port 80??? - who knows). The problem didn't seem to exist in other RSS readers such as SharpReader (SharpReader rocks - I am always willing to support good software written in C#). Anyway, everything seems to be working fine now - even from Trillian. If you need help setting up a particular reader then let me know.

...Until next time.


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  1. Neil 8/5/2003 7:28 PM
    You go girl! It's your birthday.
  2. Ryan Farley 9/2/2003 12:50 AM
    OK. So I just installed the new build of RSS Bandit ( It is really cool. I like it better than SharpReader. It is also written in C# - so it will help further the cause ;-) ...not only that but it is open source (you can find it's workspace on

    Guess I'll make the switch from SharpReader to RSSBandit.

  3. 11/22/2009 2:58 AM
    ndsbqlbx - Google Search
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