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  Crazy week :-/ 

Well, it's been a really eventful week. Pretty crazy. My wife, Jennette, was having some really painful things going on in her stomach, so I took her to the emergency room on Saturday. At the time we had no idea it would turn into such a big thing - but we just finally came home from the hospital tonight (and they even let her go early).

Turns out my wife had gall bladder problems. She had several gall stones and one that was “passing” apparently because lodged in some “duct” which was causing some problems with her pancreas and other organs. Needless to say she was in quite a bit of pain. So, they kept her in the hospital, did some procedure on Monday with a tube and camera down her throat for about an hour to locate the stone and cut it free. Then on Tuesday she had her gall bladder removed. The whole thing seemed pretty painful - they apparently fill you up with gas like a balloon to get things all opened up for that kind of surgery and that is what has caused my wife the most pain afterwords.

What I am unsure of - is what a gall bladder is and what purpose it serves. Disposable body organs confuse me. A gall bladder is apparently one of those things you can do without.


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