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I've been busy for a while so haven't made many posts. Anyway, I knew my registration on was coming up for renewal but kept on spacing it off - again back to the whole busy thing, but I thought I had set it to automatically renew (I use mydomain and they have that option). So yesterday I found out that I apparently did not have it set to automatically renew and it actually expired so things were down.

Things are back to normal now. Whew. That was lame of me. I think that having a domain of your own name is a cool thing and I would hate to ever loose it. Although I could have easily replaced it with something else. I have a tendency to collect domain names that I think are cool, like,, and a long list of others (which all point back to my blog), but my domain is my favorite. Maybe I am vain? I registered my domain long after my list of domains had grown. I had others like, but it never occured to me to register my name until much later.


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  1. Milan Negovan 4/12/2005 7:02 PM
    Good thing Borg didn't get to assimilate your domain! :)
  2. Sushant Bhatia 5/1/2005 3:10 AM
    Hi. Came across your blog though Neighbourhood Blogs. Neat site. I too am in tempe, love C# & .net and use mydomain for domain collection :-) Amazing coincidences.
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