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  Primary Supertypes in ORM 

If you do any work with ORM models (that's ORM as in Object Role Modeling, not as in Object-Relation Mapping) then you'll want to check out Scot Becker's blog at He's been posting like a madman with great tips and info related to ORM and Visio. His latest post on modelling multiple inheritance and setting primary supertypes saved me this week with a model I had the potential to really screw up.


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  1. Jiho Han 10/20/2004 8:55 AM
    Thanks for the link. I found the blog to be very useful.
    I've been trying to use ORM in my projects slowly. I bought Halpin's book a while ago although it's collecting dust on my bookshelf at this moment, I believe I'll be tackling it in the near future no doubt.

    Have you used ORM and tools for any of your SLX projects?
  2. Ryan Farley 10/20/2004 11:28 PM

    Yes I have. However, I use it only to model and to make sure all ideas are sound. But that is only on the more complex SLX implementations. For many of them it is overkill - and you're still stuck with doing everything manually in the Administrator anyway so it is not as though you can actually use the model to generate schema (and you're forced to the SLX way that things work so none of the constraints in the database). Sucks.
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