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October 2004 Entries

A Dream, A Lifetime of Geekery, and a Friend 

A friend of mine decided to take the plunge. The plunge that us mere mortals only dream about. Yes, he bought Stormtrooper armor. Ever since that summer of 1977 in a galaxy far, far away, I have had a dream of someday sporting that intergalactic white getup of imperial greatness.

T-SQL Olympics 

OK, there is not an Olympics for T-SQL - but there should be. A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about “gold-medal” T-SQL we've come accross. The one that wins the gold for me is the code I found a long time ago on SQL Server Central from Masar Ivica that creates a PDF file from scratch in a stored procedure. No external tools used. No PDF libraries or anything, just good old T-SQL (plus use of the FileSystemObject to write out the file itself - but still all done in the stored pr

DateTime.MaxValue Madness 

Note to self. DateTime.MaxValue does not equal SqlDateTime.MaxValue. Those 3 damn miliseconds.

Primary Supertypes in ORM 

If you do any work with ORM models (that's ORM as in Object Role Modeling, not as in Object-Relation Mapping) then you'll want to check out Scot Becker's blog at He's been posting like a madman with great tips and info related to ORM and Visio. His latest post on modelling multiple inheritance and setting primary supertypes saved me this week with a model I had the potential to really screw up.

Google Desktop Search - Reloaded 

Last week I was one of the millions who apparently blogged about the Google Desktop search. Everywhere you look there's all kinds of praise and buzz about the Google Desktop search. I've been using it and it's saved me some time looking for old e-mails in Outlook and newsgroup posts I made using Outlook Express. Cool. However, I seem to read a lot of posts about people wanting to use it to search for only specific types of files. So, here is the (un)official Google Desktop Search tip #1

10 Tips to Make Your Pages Load Faster 

I just re-read article from earlier in the year on again that outlines 10 tips to make your pages load faster. I like to re-read stuff like that to remind myself of the things I am getting lazy about.

HTML Formatted Source Code 

One of the cooler VS.NET addins that I've come accross. The CopySourceAsHTML addin allows you to copy source code in VS.NET as syntax-highlighted HTML. I've always used a tool I made to convert the code to formatted HTML - but this makes so much more sense.

Google does desktop 

Google has released it's beta Desktop Search. Search through Outlook, Outlook Express, IE history, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, text. Coolest part, now when I go to and search for something online it can include local desktop items too.



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