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I read an interesting post from Paul Wilson regarding the never-ending debate of whether to use stored procs or dynamic SQL for your data layer. As I mentioned before, I've always been a stored proc kind of guy. Why? Really just because I love them. I love to get a change of scenery everynow and then and work with some T-SQL. But after reading Paul's post I got thinking. I've never really even given the dynamic SQL route a try. We'll I've tried it, I love the idea of O/R mappers, but really just as that...a try - knowing the whole time I was just seeing what it was about then going back to my typical stored proc route.

I will give it a real try. However, I just can't see myself really embracing it. I love writing procs. The problem I've had with using O/R mappers is that I just don't feel confident that an O/R mapper knows how to generically generate code that knows how to access my data better, or faster, than I do. Know what I mean?

Either way, Paul's post is worth a read. So is there anyone using an O/R mapper that they love?


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  1. Shannon J Hager 9/6/2004 1:38 PM
  2. Ryan Farley 9/6/2004 7:01 PM

    Great writeup. LLBLGen is one that I'll definitely look into. I tried it quite some time ago at the beginning of when Frans made it available. Time to take another look.
  3. Matt 9/7/2004 7:07 AM
    I am actually into Mongoose Solutions' Objectz.NET ( for its simplicity and familiarity with the ObjectSpaces bits (that are, of course, cancelled).

    Of course, Objectz.NET is now no longer under development . . . so, I'm stuck.

    I do not really consider LLBLGen Pro to actually be an O/R Mapper as much as it is a code generator?
  4. Jiho Han 9/8/2004 8:59 AM
    Try NPersist:

    It's LGPL'ed and the next gen version of Pragmatier by Mats Helander.
    I've been checking it out and also the ORM GUI developed by the same, called Object Mapper 2004. The GUI is still in Beta but the framework itself seems stable.
  5. Nathan Baulch 9/14/2004 4:23 AM
    I've played with a bit and although I ran into a few problems, the developers were very responsive with fixes in the forums.

    I was in a bit of a hurry and so I simply chose the most actively developed .net sourceforge project under a LGPL (or equivalent). With the abundance of O/R mappers around, it would have been nice to find an impartial comparison on the net somewhere, but no luck.
  6. Javier Luna 5/11/2005 11:39 AM
    I believe that any DataLayer must be a simple code block, that they allow operations against DB.

    That code block would not have to know on the Business Entities. Single to specialize it is to execute the operations (Store Procedures and SQL Sentences) against the engine DB (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), with which this setting.

    Finally, I invite to you to download the DataLayer.Primitives Public Version.

    This is very cool Data Layer :)

    DataLayer.Primitives - Readme!
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