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September 2004 Entries

Decisions of Performance 

Eric Gunnerson made a post related to performance of generics today which has some merit to it (but isn't that the case for about anything from him?!). Focus on the big picture when designing for best performance...

I don't make monkeys, I just train 'em... 

My mom recently sent me a picture of when I was a kid (Age 4). I couldn’t get over the ridiculously huge bow-tie I was wearing so I doctored up the photo a bit to send back to her. Anyway, the picture cracks me up so I decided to share it with you. Have a good laugh.

Back to Dynamic SQL vs. Stored Procs 

I read an interesting post from Paul Wilson regarding the never-ending debate of whether to use stored procs or dynamic SQL for your data layer. As I mentioned before, I've always been a stored proc kind of guy. Why? Really just because I love them. I love to get a change of scenery everynow and then and work with some T-SQL. But after reading Paul's post I got thinking. I've never really even given the dynamic SQL route a try. We'll I've tried it, I love the idea of O/R mappers, but really just

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 

I just read a new post on the Daily WTF. Although this one does raise some question of it's validity of being from real live production code, I tend to belive it because I've come across my share of completely idiotic & inane code from time to time. This one takes the cake.



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