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  .NET the panacea? Ooooh yeah. 

Do you ever just think about everything that is available to you in the .NET Framework? I mean, the classes seem almost endless. There is everything for simple to very complex tasks. I often find myself just reading the framework docs. I can get really caught up in there. So much to learn.

It makes even the most simple task so you don't even need to think about it. Take the static Combine method in the Path class (System.IO namespace). You take two path strings, pass them to combine and it will combine them into a single path. You don't need to think about if the first string ends in a '\' already or not. You don't need to even think about anything. It takes a simple task and removes your need to even give it any thought. I think that is cool.

I love not having to think at all about the simple things so I can focus on the more complex functionality of my applications. The .NET Framework rules when it comes to this.

The beauty is in the framework.


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