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  Utilities and tools to woo the chicks 

We all have our own collection of cool utilities and tools. Tools that make your work easier and you'd feel lost, abandoned, and stupid without. Scott Hanselman recently posted his list of tools he can't live without in his blog. All I have to say! This is an awesome list.

Gotta check this out:
Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List

While many of the utilities found in my own collection were already on Scott's list, here are a few I'd add:

  • NDoc - This tool is invaluable for putting together documentation for your code. Saves major time and produces some really great looking & professional documentation.
  • Spy & Capture - My favorite spy tool. This tool kicks butt. Takes your typical spy utility to a new level. Let's you test sending messages to a selected window handle via SendMessage. It can grab masked passwords too. Pretty cool.
  • File Monitor - A great tool for monitoring what's going on in the file system. Great for tracking down where an app is writing to on the disk.
  • Registry Monitor - Really, anything from is great. This monitors the registry to show you where an app is writting to. Invaluable for troubleshooting apps.

When I looked in my utilities directory, it seems that most of the utilities I use are my own tools I've written myself. As a developer, when I need a new tool, I find that my first instinct is to build it myself. I don't even think about looking for an existing one out there many times.


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  1. Ryan Farley 9/19/2003 2:39 PM
    Dotnet Boy has posted his own list as well. This is catching on - Me likey. I love taking a look at the tools that other developers rely on to make their jobs easier.

    Anyway, take a look at Dotnet Boy's list:

  2. 11/22/2009 6:05 AM
    cfwbsrkg - Google Search
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