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August 2006 Entries

If IT had been Responsible for the Creation 

Phil Factor had a great post where he spins the creation of the world as an IT project. A really amusing read.

More Null-Coalescing (??) Operator Love 

I last posted about the null coalescing operator in .NET 2.0 and just had to post a follow up. I came accross a post on Born 2 Code .NET (via Dennis van der Stelt) where several examples of ?? syntactic sugar are listed to demonstrate how the null coalescing operator surpasses the ternary conditional operator (?:) and if constructs as far as usefulness and readability.

Null-Coalescing Operator in .NET 2.0 

I blogged two years ago about the new nullable operator in .NET 2.0 (wow, was that really 2 whole years ago? Time flies.). Since then, I waited patiently for it's arrival. Ever since .NET 2.0 came out I've been wanting to return and blog about it again.

Outlook 2007 and the Object Model Guard 

If you've written code to work with Outlook before, you'll have met the Object Model Guard's messages about a program trying to access Outlook. This change was a real pain for developers when it was first introduced. Since then we've all made our way around it by writing extended MAPI code or using things like Redemption or Outlook Security Manager.



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