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February 2005 Entries

Disabling Auto-Complete on ASP.NET Forms 

Popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox support something called Auto-Complete. You've seen this many times. You go to a online form and as you start to type in fields you get a drop-down showing values you've typed in that field before. This feature can be turned off, but it really is a useful feature and can save you a lot of typing when entering redundant values.

Flattening Out Data with One of the Coolest SQL Tricks Ever 

Not sure why, but I seem to be on a T-SQL kick lately - so here's another T-SQL post. One of my favorite T-SQL hacks ever is one that can flatten out data by taking a value from multiple rows and concatenating the values into a single string.

On the Subject of Dates in T-SQL 

While we're on the subject of dates in T-SQL, I never liked getting the month and year for a date and sticking an '01' in the middle (then casting it all back to a datetime) to get the first day of the month for a given date value. Then you do the same to get the end date by getting the first day of the next month and subtract a 1 from it. This way is much better.

The Funniest Geek Shirt Ever 

Freakin hilarious.

Determining if a Date is a Weekday in T-SQL 

I was reminded of a SQL function to determine if a date was a weekday or a weekend I wrote a while back when I saw the requirements of a project a colleague was working on. You'll see this requirement fairly often in many business applications. A company might want to span certain activities over business or working days only. The requirement might be to only include business days in certain calculations. Either way, there are a few things to keep in mind when making this calculation.

Awesome addons for Community Server 

Just caught on Rob Howard's blog about some incredible new addons for Community Server 1.0


Definition of recursion



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