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January 2005 Entries

Battlestar Galactica 

I just have to say that I can't get enough of the new Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi channel. I loved the mini-series they aired last year but was bummed that it was so short and over way too soon. Now that it is a full series it is every bit as great as before. If you haven't watched it yet, don't expect anything like the old series from way back (but I like that too). No cheesy acting & comedic relief. Just really great sci-fi and an awesome story line.

Solving problems through programming...and why the Skype API sucks 

I love to take the approach of solving computing problems through programming. Sometimes it backfires and I over-complicate the problem (I have been known to prematurely generalize from time to time). But usually I bask in the greatness of being a programmer and having the skills to make my life easier and remove redundant or tedious tasks programically.

My New Blog Search 

After my last post, I decided to do what I outlined to throw together a quick search page for my blog.

Future of Searching and RSS 

I'll admit I was excited when the Google API was made available for public use. Nice idea and opens up some cool new ways to integrate searching into your applications or websites. That is, as long as you don't exceed the allowable 1000 queries per day as per the developer license. It was easy enough to use but it was still not enough to get me that fired up about using it. I have that same excitement now about the MSN Search (beta) site. But this time things are different. There is no daily que



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