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December 2004 Entries

Interacting with the Web Browser Control 

In my last post, I outlined some ways to make the Web Browser control more useful in your C# applications, to include things such as printing and setting the text or html of the browser dynamically. That is all good, but in a typical application it does little for you if you can't interactively respond to events that occur in the document loaded in the browser control.

Using the Web Browser Control in your C# Applications 

It can be a powerful thing to display dynamic HTML in your C# applications. It can give your applications a modern look and feel and can make displaying data in non-standard ways easy with some simple markup. We have the web browser ActiveX control that wraps up what we know as Internet Explorer. While I don't want to get into the in's and out's of using the web browser in your applications, I do want to demonstrate a few things that will make the use of the web browser easier so you can integra

Set Focus to an ASP.NET Control 

Setting focus to controls in your ASP.NET application is a part of giving your end users the feel that they have come to expect. Making your web applications act more like Windows applications is a key to success (IMO). While setting focus to controls is a very small part in achieving this, it does get you one step closer to having a polished web application that your users will love to use. It will be taken for granted, but something this small should be since it is expected beha

Tips for SQL Server Identity Columns 

Tips on allowing inserts to identity columns and also for reseeding the identity value for a table.

Setting the Value of a TextBox with TextMode=Password 

When the TextMode property of an ASP.NET TextBox is set to Password the value set in the Text property will not display at runtime. This can be a pain, however it is actually by design to prevent the unmasked password from being displayed in the HTML source of the page. While the security reasons are good to not display the masked password value, leaving it unmasked in the source, it is also necessary at times to display the masked value in the TextBox.

SQL Enterprise Manager Tip 

I'm in the same boat as Scott Mitchell on this one. I practically live inside of SQL Enterprise Manager. Been using it for years abd years. But I never knew about this.

Don't forget, Tuesday is Soylent Green day 

Chow down on those biscuits. Yummm. They keep bringing out the things they think I need, to the point where I buy into the idea that I need it too, but in the end I'll find out I am just eating people. What exactly am I talking about here (besides a classic 70's sci fi movie)? The endless Desktop Search applications coming out. MSN's is out now, thrown into the mix with Google, Copernic, X1, and Yahoo has one on the way too (via licensed X1).

Commenting out ASP.NET Server Controls 

I guess I don't need to do this frequent enough to remember this because I always seem to forget. To comment out a server control from your aspx page you cannot use <!-- and -->. Obviously, this is a server control, so you use server side comments

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For. Move Along. 

I posted before about my friend, Neil, who recently dropped the cash for some Imperial Tighty Whities (hehe). His post about our trip to Wal Mart has received numerous posts so we talked about the need for a separate blog dedicated to his life as a Storm Trooper. I cranked out a custom .Text skin for the site and it's up and running at

Google Groups. From Useful to Useless. 

Google just had to go and mess up a great thing. Google Groups was the greatest thing around, until Google decided to mess it up and make it totally useless.

Value in Blogging 

Call it noise, call it the next big thing, or just call it stupid. Define it how ever you want. Blogging has become a huge thing in today's world. It has changed my daily routine. It has changed how I look for help with my work. It opened up a whole new world of people to meet, learn from, and be annoyed at.



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