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November 2004 Entries

Retrieving the Associated Icon for a File 

I got a class that does will retrieve the associated icon for a file, but never thought of posting it. Cathi Gero posted some code to make this a simple task so you can get the icon for a file in a single call (But it would be great if this were just built into the FileInfo class). Great stuff.

Bummed out with the Community Server Beta 

Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I misinterpreted what they were doing. Who knows. But I was really expecting something great from Telligent System's Community Server and it feels like it is lacking. Don't get me wrong, it is some exceptional work. Well, each of the Community Server applications are exceptional - by themselves. However, with the combination of great minds like Rob Howard (ASP.NET Forums), Jason Alexander (nGallery), and Scott Watermaysk (.Text) I was expecting the inte

Google, and a sign of good things to come 

Some interesting news via Mike Gunderloy about the Google Deskbar that I thought was really interesting. Their plugin development kit is for use with .NET. Not COM or standard DLLs, but .NET. That's cool. I don't use the Deskbar too much since I don't want yet another thing to cramp the space on my Windows taskbar, but still that is cool and hopefully a sign of things to come from Google (and give developers the much desired ability to extend the Google Desktop Search with .NET plugins too)



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