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August 2004 Entries

SQL 2005 Euphoria 

A lot of SQL 2005 information has surfaced recently and I am as giddy as a school girl (how's that for a phrase that is bound to result in some Google weirdness?!). I've been more excited about this than about anything (Well, except for the release of .NET 2.0 of course). Here's a bit of SQL 2005 linkage for some good reading.

Cool Uses of RSS 

You know normally this is the kind of thing I'd hear from RoudyBob.NET, but since Bob is on a Blogging Hiatus, I guess someone still needs to mention cool new uses of RSS.

bool result = (Developer == Moron || Asshole); 

That's right. I have at many times been both. Hehe. A great post on Dive into Mark that talks about why specs matter and goes on to classify developers as assholes or morons when it comes to software specifications. Awesome read.

Intersection of Date Ranges 

A friend of mine called me yesterday about a scheduling application he is working on. His question was so simple, or so it seemed, but it really drove me nuts. Basically he just wanted to find out if two date ranges intersected at all. Simple enough. It was one of those kinds of answers that you immediately start rattling off the solution, but every thing that started to come out of my mouth was failing my mental unit testing. I'll admit it threw me for a loop for a short bit.

Busy month, but I think I survived. 

What a busy month. I moved into a new house. Which moving for me means I am also moving my office since I work from home. Getting things back together again, getting the network up, setting up phones, internet, etc, etc. It is all a big pain. Meanwhile trying to balance getting my house back to normal and everything out of boxes with doing the same for my office. Ugh.



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