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July 2004 Entries

Writing to Your .NET Application's Config File 

There's likely been times that you might have thought that it would make things convenient to write back to your .NET application's config file. The framework provides simple methods for reading from the config file, but gives you nothing for writing values back to the config file. It is easy enough to write values back to the file. It's only XML. When I need to do this sort of thing I use a class that wraps up the ability to read and write settings in the config file.

Back in action with a few quick tweaks to share 

So I am back in the saddle again after a few weeks out teaching a T-SQL/DTS class and then vacation. Always hard to get back into the swing of things after a few weeks out (not to mention the couple hundred new blog posts I have waiting for me in RSSBandit and another hundred or so e-mails to get through). Anyway, to get me back into posting mode, I'll pass along a few quick tweaks to make your programming/computing life easier that I've picked up over the past few weeks (Wish I could give credi

Visual Studio 2005 BETA 1 on MSDN! 

Within the last hour Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Architect BETA 1 just showed up on MSDN subscriber downloads. Everyone else please stop their downloads until I get mine down ;-) - Community previews are cool and all, but now the real fun starts!! Woot.



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