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January 2004 Entries

Win32 to .NET Framework Equivalent 

There's a great new reference on MSDN that makes attempt to map Win32 API to their .NET Framework equivalent. So if you're having trouble making a certain translation, or would like to avoid a p/invoke here or there, this is a pretty long list that might help you out.

Everyone loves Rory 

Ever since I posted my “Rory as Tom Jones” picture, my blog as been going crazy with traffic. Just goes to show that everyone loves Rory.

Loading an assembly with dependencies 

A friend of mine (who apparently refuses to blog, but I'll link to him anyway) is working on a new app with a “plugin” architecture. I love that kind of stuff. One of his plugins has a dependency on another assembly. Things were not working well - even when he attempted to load the dependent assemblies into the AppDomain. We hunted around to find a solution and came accross a cool new event I was not aware of before - the AssemblyResolve event.

Great quote from Don Box 

I was listening to Don Box again on .NET Rocks. He is a true rock star. The Led Zeppelin of developers. Anyway, when talking about Don's days at DevelopMentor and the whole “COM is Love“ thing that Don started there, Mark asked Don if COM is truely dead. Don had a great follow-up to that question.

Rory Blyth's data compression with Tom Jones 

Rory Blyth posted anorther great comic of coding a data compression algorithm with guest celebrity “computar enthusiast” Tom Jones. It is a real hoot.

Multiple Monitors rule 

I love multiple monitors. I can't even imagine trying to work without multiple monitors and don't think I could ever go back to a single monitor.

Visualize real-world Longhorn! 

Want to be blown away by new technology coming in Longhorn? Want to see a real-world application using Avalon & Indigo? Sure we've seen all the demos and PDC slides showing off these new technologies, but one of the most difficult things (for now) is to visualize how you might put these technologies to use in a real-world application.


Dave Wanta (of and has put together some really great info on the System.Web.Mail namespace at This FAQ is one of the most amazing & complete .NET resources I've seen in a while. Really awesome stuff.



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