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November 2003 Entries

Stored Procs or Dynamic SQL 

So yesterday a debate surfaced that seemed to have the entire online programming community all worked up. Rob Howard, Microsoft ASP.NET Program Manager, posted to his blog about using stored procedures in SQL server. Many comments both for and against Rob's arguments in his post ensued. Things got a little heated when Frans Bouma stepped into the debate. Frans took his ideas to his own blog, and then you see the entire blogging community step in (via their own respective blogs) to add their own

Web Resources in ASP.NET Whidbey 

Something really cool that is coming in the Whidbey release of ASP.NET is Web Resources. ASP.NET Web Resources will allow you to add and reference items such as images and CSS files directly from your compiled assembly.

What to avoid for better memory usage 

Rico Mariani, an Architect on the CLR team and someone who definately knows his stuff, posted to his blog a few weeks ago two things you should avoid in .NET for better memory usage. These two things are fairly common in .NET code especially when old habits are lingering from previous non-.NET languages. Here's a quick recap (I'll also post a link to the full article at the end of this post). Although there are always exceptions, here are some guidelines for better memory usage in .NET.

XAML. Cool technology. Lame pronunciation. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am for the arrival of XAML. I loose sleep at night already just thinking about the cool possibilities. But I have to say, leave it to Microsofties to pronounce it “zamel” (as in rhymes with camel).

Quick tip to discover SQL Servers 

I recently came accross something cool (albeit small) for a quick way to discover SQL Servers on your local network. I'm not talking about a programatic way to do so (that's that NetServerEnum API and DMO are for), but more of just a manual way without needing to discover them through SQL Enterprise Manager etc.

Serial Killer or Programmer? 

Can you tell a coder from a cannibal? Can you tell which people spent their time hacking computers, and which spent their time hacking up people?

Reflector. It's not just for breakfast anymore. 

So I have been using Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector since it's first public release (when .NET was still in beta). It is a great tool. Since it's early releases Lutz added in functionality for decompiling .NET assemblies etc. I never really gave it any thought since I always used Anakrino for that. Anakrino is a great tool. I've always loved it. However, someone mentioned to me some differences that Reflector has for decompiling - so I decided to take another look. Reflector's decompiling is f

Spellcheck for TextBoxes in Avalon 

Wesner Moise posted about a cool new feature in his blog, .NET Undocumented. Background spell checking in Avalon TextBoxes - ala Word style.



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